Plenary Speakers

Gert Mayer, MD

Medical University Innsbruck, Austria
Title:-omics to precision medicine in nephrology

Dr. Anabela Rodrigues, PhD

Affiliation: Porto
Title: New advances in peritoneal dialysis: from biomarkers to clinical practice

Dr. Pedro Ponce, PhD

Affiliation: Lisboa
Title: AKI – biomarkers in risk assessment and predicting models

Dr.Thomas Koeck , PhD

Affiliation: Hannover
Title: From -omics to personalized medicine in nephrology

Dr.Hans-Joachim Anders, PhD

Affiliation: Munich
Title: Lupus Nephritis: current update – from basics to therapy

Dr. João Paulo Oliveira, PhD

Affiliation: Porto
Title: – Indivivualizing therapy: Do geneticists have the tools to predict which
glomerulonephritis will go wrong?

Dr. Michael Rudnicki, PhD

Affiliation: – Innsbruck
Title: Diabetic Nephropathy – predicting outcomes from multiple markers

Dr. Ondrej Viklicky, PhD

Affiliation: Prague
Title: Tolerance in transplantation: Get, monitor, act