Dear Colleagues and friends,

Since the end of the 90´s, when -omics started to get a prominent position in the research arena, a long way to unravel the -omics content of almost everything has been done by the -omics community. Although this still is an interesting field of research, where many things are on-going and where many others are awaiting to be done, the maturity of the -omics in terms of technology and sample treatment has arrived already. This means that now we are in conditions to translate the findings achieved in the -omics field to other areas. As a matter of fact, medicine, especially diagnosis and therapeutics are taking advantage of this translation. As a especial case, Nephrology is taking advantage on the study of the renal proteome, of the proteome of individual intrarenal structures, of the urinary proteome, and of the dialysate and ultrafiltrate proteomes. Currently, the time has come to try to integrate all this data for diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutics. With such aim the Nephromics conference has been created, and thus it is expected to join all those of us working with nephrology and any -omics: proteomics, genomics, metabolomics, metallomics, bacteriomics, viromics and transcriptomics, in a conference where all the knowledge can be integrated in a profitable all-together working sessions.
The conference venue is located in one of the most beautiful seafaring villages from Portugal, and October is still a nice month in Caparica, where swimming and sunbaths can still be taken.
The organizing committee welcome you and hope to see you next October.
On behalf of the organizing committee,
J. L. Capelo
Conference Chair.

Conference Subjects:

Proteomics in Nephrology.
Genomics in Nephrology.
Metabollomics in Nephrology.
Bacteriomics in Nephrology.
Viromics in Nephrology.
Emerging technologies in Nephrology.
Translational Nephrology