18th Symposium

18th Symposium on Renal Diseases

This is an important nephrology meeting that happens in our country every two years, organized by the Nephrology Service of Hospital Garcia de Orta. Our aim in every meeting is to provide a very practical and clinical approach to important Nephrology themes.
This year, the meeting will be entitled “From –omics to Clinical Practice”. Our goal is to highlight the relevance that the recent breakthroughs in basic science in different Nephrology fields can have in the day-to-day clinical practice.
In order to reinforce this relationship between basic science and clinical practice, this year, the 18th Symposium is associated with the 1st International Caparica Conference on Translational Nephrology.

18th Symposium on Renal Diseases schedule

18th Symposium on Renal Diseases registration*

*Medical Interns & Members of the Portuguese Society of Nephrology have special fees for the first day only (80€) and for the whole conference (200€).